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Why Save Dauphin Island (including the West End)
It's YOUR Beach!

It is not common knowledge that the Gulf-side West End beaches on Dauphin Island are PUBLIC beaches - open to all Alabamians, all Americans and even world travelors visiting this little paradise.  Come and visit!  It is there for YOU!  (Unless, of course, we cannot find funding to keep the island from eroding away.)

The Public Beaches of the West End
(click photo to enlarge)

The beaches on the West End south shoreline - from the western border of the Isle Dauphine Club property all the way to the "West End Beach" park (approximately four miles) - are public.  Due to massive erosion occuring in just the last five years, much of that public land is now underwater.  We want to restore it for everyone to enjoy.

The Public Beach of the East End
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By contrast, only about 2,500 feet of south shoreline on the East End is public beach.  This is the beachfront for the Audubon Bird Sanctuary.  If there was no West End, this would be the only public Gulf-front beach on the entire island.  And there is no easy access except via a very long walk through the bird sanctuary.  Nevertheless, this is public beach, and we wish to see its erosion issues addressed as well.

The Disappearing Public Beach

A huge swath of public land on the West End, 100+ feet wide and almost 4 miles long (commonly known as the "West Surf Beach") has been rapidly eroding in recent years.

The West Surf Beach in 2004
(click photo to enlarge)

It's not just West End homeowners who love the West Surf Beach (or what remains of it) and would like to see it preserved. There are also those who:

  • Donít own property but come down to visit just for the day.

  • Rent a Gulf-side house or condo for a weekend, a week or a month.

  • Live in or rent houses on the West End north shore and in the coves.

  • Live in or rent houses in the inland areas and marinas of the East End.

All these people utilize the public West Surf Beach just like those who own property south of Bienville.  If the West End is completely lost, it's lost for everyone!

The West Surf Beach in 2007

(click photo to enlarge)


Tide Lines with Lot Line Overlays
Pre-Isadore (2002) & Post-Katrina (2006)
(click photo to enlarge)

The ongoing erosion problem is also adversely affecting the Town of Dauphin Island's activities area at the end of Bienville Blvd, known as "West End Beach." The Town acquired the West End Beach with Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) funds in 2008 at a purchase price of $2.2 million. Subsequent improvements made to the property have included a hard surface parking lot, planting palms, beach activities and other minor facilities.

Volleyball on Dauphin Island's West End Beach (2008)

The variety of recreational activities offered at this public beach has made it a popular destination for many beachgoers. However, the future existence of this public beach facility is now in jeopardy because of the same erosion issue that is affecting the islandís entire Gulf shoreline. The loss of the West End Beach shoreline is occurring at a rapid rate and the Town has not yet retired the debt for its purchase.

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