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Why Save Dauphin Island (including the West End)

Dauphin Island is the second-highest revenue generator of property tax income for Mobile County.  And more than half of that income is generated from the properties on the West End.

In 2008-2009, 70-80% of the Town revenue generated from ad valoreum taxes, sales tax, lodging tax and building permits (over $800,000) came from the West End.

If the vulnerable West End is lost, so is the revenue from that area, which includes:

  • property tax from property owners

  • lodging tax from hotel, house and condo rentals

  • sales tax from purchases in restaurants, fish markets, stores, boat rentals, etc.

  • income for local businesses

  • income for local servicepeople to repair, maintain and clean the properties

Also, since most houses on the West End are not primary residences, the owners cannot claim the homestead exemption on property taxes.  This means that more property tax dollars, both total and per capita, are generated from the West End.

Restoring the West End shoreline will restore not only public beach, but also revenue-generating property that is currently under water.  This revenue benefits the County, the State, and most importantly, the Town.

If the West End properties were not there, or severely reduced, this would cut into the budget needed to run the Town of Dauphin Island - budget that is used for public services such as policemen and women.

Can the Town of Dauphin Island survive with up to 70% less revenue?

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