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Why Save Dauphin Island (including the West End)
Protection of Mainland Coastal Communities

Dauphin Island, like all barrier islands, acts as a protective buffer for the mainland. Barrier islands serve to dampen the full force of the damaging effects of hurricane-driven waves. If the West End of Dauphin Island is allowed to continue to erode, the existing protection provided to Mobile Countyís coastal mainland communities will be greatly diminished. Without the benefit of Dauphin Islandís land mass, future hurricanes will cause more devastating damage to the mainland communities.

Protection provided by the West End of Dauphin Island
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The communities scattered along Mobile Countyís low elevation southern mainland coastline (Bayou La Batre, Coden and Alabama Port) all benefit from the natural breakwater provided by Dauphin Island.  The island shields the mainland coast from the full force of hurricanes.

Over 5,000 people make their home along this coastal area, with many more from other locations traveling each day to Bayou La Batre and Coden to work in the shipyards and seafood processing plants.

Without the existence of a robust Dauphin Island, particularly its West End, these communities and the livelihoods of their residents and outside workers would be more exposed to the adverse affects of storm conditions. If Dauphin Island is allowed to weaken by continuing coastal erosion, the vulnerability of these communities will be heightened in future years.


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