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Why Save Dauphin Island (including the West End)

Currently, the island has a dual character.

The East End and middle of the island have the ambiance of a delightful little fishing village.  It is prized for its marinas and quick access to fishing and boating.  Its quiet residential lanes, shaded by spectacular pines and tucked behind soaring dunes are a singular joy to residents and visitors alike.  The East End boasts the historic Fort Gaines, the Sea Lab, the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, a golf course and much more.

East End Marina

The West End tends to attract more beachgoers, and lovers of an ocean view.  Most beach types prefer to live in or rent housing directly on (or within easy walking distance to)...the beach!

If the West End is completely washed away (a not-so-hypothetical catastrophic event), beachgoer types would not be able to buy or rent lodging right on the beach.  If they wanted to live or rent on the island, their only choice would be the inland parts, which means driving to whatever remained of the public beach, unloading gear, trudging across a parking lot, and not having easy walking access back to the house to get something they might have left at home.

Beachgoer types like to be where they can see the waves, hear the waves, walk to the beach, and let their children walk to the beach without the kids leaving their sight.  These are people who enjoy strolling down a multi-mile-long stretch of sugar white sand, looking for shells, digging their toes in the tidal pools, and watching a spectacular sunset over the water from their own deck.

West End Sunset

If there was no West End, there would be very little ocean view beachfront property where one could live or rent.  In which case, Dauphin Island would become more of a fishing and boating recreation spot.  Far fewer beachgoer types would visit or buy property there.  This would greatly impact island revenue from beachgoer tourism and property taxes, but it would also limit our choices.

Don't we all like having choices?

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