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Dauphin Island
Restoration Task Force

Activities Update

March 15, 2010

Pier Dredging Project Proposal
Discussion Meeting

A meeting was held on Sunday, March 14 to discuss the proposed idea of dredging sand from under the PBB fishing pier and placing it in the eroded crisis areas along the south shoreline as an interim shoreline stabilization measure.  This project has been recommended by the Task Force as the revised proposal request for GoMESA funding.

The attendees included:

Park & Beach Board
Mike Henderson
LaDon Swann
Jackie Previto

Town Council
Lisa Hansen

Bruce Jones
Jackie Gaines
Jay Minus

Task Force
Glen Coffee
     (also on DIPOA Board)
Stan Graves
Lisa Young
Laura Martin

POA Legal Counsel
Cliff Brady

Jim Hartmann
Patrick Hemphill

Among the issues discussed and information needed to be determined or confirmed:

  • volume of sand in pier area

  • impact of dredging

  • liability issues

  • Pelican Island ownership

  • sand under pier ownership

Representatives of the Town Council and the DIPOA plan to meet with Dr. Scott Douglass to discuss the proposal.

To view the presentation given by the Task Force at this meeting, go to our Downloads page.

Your Help is Needed!

Please call, email or write letters to the Mayor, the Town Council members, and the POA Board of Directors and let them know that you support interim shoreline stabilization measures.

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Add Your Name to our List of Members/Supporters!

We have created a Members/Supporters page on our website to reflect the names of people who have contributed time and skills to Task Force efforts, or who have written in to show their support.

Send us an email and indicate whether you are:

  • a West End Property Owner

  • an East End Property Owner

  • own properties on both ends of the island

  • a weekend, week or season renter

  • a day visitor (for fishing, boating, beaching, etc.)

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Join the Task Force

We cannot achieve our goals without your help!  We welcome anyone who is interested in seeing the Gulf shoreline and public beaches restored, whether you own property on the island or not.

But particularly if you own property on the West End, know that you are most at risk during this time of rapid erosion.  It is important that you:

  • Attend Town Council meetings to stay abreast of what's happening on the island and ask for projects to help restore the shoreline in the near-term.

  • Attend DIPOA meetings and express your support for shoreline restoration.

Meeting information for the Town and the DIPOA can be found here: Websites

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