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Interim Shoreline Stabilization Project

Why is an interim shoreline project being recommended?

The Town of Dauphin Island has contracted Dr. Scott Douglass (University of South Alabama) to conduct a study on possible long-term solutions to address the erosion problems affecting Dauphin Islandís entire Gulf shoreline. Dr. Douglass has stated that this study may take 18 to 24 months to complete.


Once the study is completed, and a long-term solution proposed, design and permitting for the project could take a year or more. Then, assuming monies can even be procured for the project, one to two more years may be required to fully complete the effort, depending on what the recommended solution will be.


From these estimates, the process could take several years.


At this time, it is not known from where needed funding would come for a long-term solution. To date, no funding source has even been identified, let alone allocated. Thus, considerable uncertainty exists as to when, or even if, a long-term solution can be implemented.


In the interim, the weakened West End will continue to remain vulnerable to storms. Since Tropical Storm Ida in Nov. 2009, there has been increasing and accelerating erosion of the Gulf shoreline, and numerous washovers threaten to create additional breaches in the island. The effects of a tropical storm and hurricane during this period could be catastrophic for the islandís West End.

If the Island breaches at its current weak points (Raphael Semmes St., St. Stephens Rd. and points further west), it will be all the more difficult to repair, and access to homes will be completely cut off for an indefinite period of time.

What do you propose?

Go to our Downloads page for a PowerPoint slide show that gives a high level view of the proposal.  Note that the proposal recommends stabilization of all public beach areas of the Gulf-front shoreline which are currently in crisis, not just public beach areas of the West End.

Other solutions, some of which could possibly be implemented in the not-too-distant future with adequate funding, are listed on the Possible Long Term Solutions page.


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