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Question Answer
Why do you seem to be focused only on the West End? West End Focus
Why should we spend money to build back private property? Public Funds for Private Property
Isn't the reason Dauphin Island doesn't get more funding is because it's privately-owned? Privately-Owned
Doesn't a West End solution serve the interests of only a few? Only a Few
Shouldn't we let the West End "go natural"?  Why fight nature? Go Natural / Why Fight Nature
Why is an interim shoreline stabilization project being recommended? Interim Solution
Are efforts toward an interim solution interfering with the long term plan? Long Term Plan Unknown
Would the pier dredging interfere with the process of Pelican Island migrating into Dauphin Island? Pier Dredging
Why Save Dauphin Island (and the West End)? Why Save Dauphin Island
What are other coastal communities doing? Fun(ding) Facts
Other Communities

More Q&A to come...



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