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Q&A: Privately-Owned

Isn't the reason Dauphin Island doesn't get more funding is because it's privately-owned?

If this was true, then that means:

  1. Funds are only available to save land where no one lives, where no taxes are generated, and

  2. Funds cannot be made available to save land where people DO live, where taxpayers have homes, history and businesses.

What's true:

  1. Public funds have been used, and continue to be used, to help restore and/or protect both public and private property all over the country (and around the world), and

  2. The Task Force seeks funds to restore eroded public shoreline on the island, on both the East and West Ends.

The land we wish to restore is PUBLIC

With regard to the West End, which some seem to think is all privately owned (which it is not)...

Whether or not there were houses on the West End, it would still be important to preserve that area for the benefits it provides for coastal mainland and coastal marsh protection.

Note that the Task Force is not suggesting to rebuild private beach houses.  Our primary goal is to restore the public beach areas that have eroded on the south shoreline.

This is precisely the reason that the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association deeded the West Surf Beach (the entire south shoreline on the West End) to the Town, so that the area would be eligible for public funding for restoration.  The West Surf Beach has been public property for some time now.  It is owned by a federally-recognized government which is the Town of Dauphin Island.

So while private lands often benefit either directly or indirectly from public funding, the conversion of the West Surf Beach to public property made the land unquestionably eligible for public funding for restoration and maintenance.

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