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Letters from Dauphin Island Lovers re: BP Oil Spill 2010

I lived on Dauphin Island Parkway all my life, about 20 minutes from the Island. I play steel drum music in restaurants on the Gulf Coast, and entertainment will be the first to go.

When my dad was alive we used to take the boat down for the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. At first we stayed in the campground. Great times as a kid. As we got older my dad started to rent houses. One rodeo, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. He made the doctor reschedule the surgery until after the Rodeo! We had the best summer ever. He beat it for 25 years, then he got it in the other lung and died from that. So he is a part of Dauphin Island to us. Let's take care of our beaches.

Kenny P.



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