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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010

Below are links to updates, photos and graphics concerning the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Recent links are indicated by yellow highlights.  Scroll down to see all links.

Town of Dauphin Island Updates

View the most recent local updates and advisories on the Town of Dauphin Island website:  http://townofdauphinisland.org

Articles, Photos, Videos on this site

Visit our Article page where you can sort articles, photo/video pages and external links about the oil spill by topic, article title or date posted.


Volunteer Groups & Contact Numbers

BP-coordinated contact info:

To volunteer for clean up or other efforts, call 866-421-1266.

To report injured or oiled wildlife, call 866-557-1401.

To report oiled shoreline, call 866-448-5816.

To make a claim, call 800-440-0858.

Local groups:

Mobile Audubon Society: 866-448-5816
They offer training to clean oiled birds.

Mobile Baykeeper: 251-433-4229

Mobile Bay Estuary: 251-431-6409

Alabama Coastal Foundation: 251-990-6002

More information on volunteerism at the "Serve Alabama" website:

Other "how to help" links:  How To Help

Information Websites

BP Alabama Gulf Response: http://www.alabamagulfresponse.com/go/site/3051/

Latest information about the oil spill, including the initial incident, efforts to stop the leak, projected trajectory, and the Alabama contingency plan.

Information on the emergency response and restoration process, as well as the latest projected trajectory.

New EPA site created for the spill.

Alabama contingency plan to respond to this type of disaster



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