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March 2014

Mississippi barrier islands get millions for restoration.  Dauphin Island gets nothing, even though we are part of the same archipelago!


For the third time in 20 years, Venice Beach, California is getting a multimillion-dollar restoration.  Other places get multi-millions for erosion mitigation, why not Dauphin Island?


February 2014


Proposal for Mobile Bay Ship Channel Widening

March 2013

ADEM Public Meeting
Thursday, March 14, 2013, 6:00pm
Shelby Bldg @ Dauphin Island Sea Lab

March 2012

Letter from Stan Graves to U.S. Senator from Alabama, Richard Shelby, thanking him for his support of BP Oil Spill Settlement Restoration Funds for Dauphin Island shoreline restoration.

February 2012

Letter from Glen Coffee to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources regarding Deep Water Horizon Restoration Funds for Dauphin Island.

Letter from Stan Graves and Letter from David Meyer to U.S. Fish & Wildlife, asking for a portion of BP Oil Spill Settlement Restoration Funds to be spent on Dauphin Island shoreline restoration.

Alabama’s valuable coastline requires adequate protection
The Southern Environmental Law Center distributed a list last week of “special places and natural riches [that] are threatened by a wave of calculated attacks on the bedrock laws that protect our environment and health.”  The Alabama coastline was at the top of the list.  Read more of this article here:  Anniston Star

October 2011

Corps of Engineers to do East End restoration/beach fill
No plans for West End restoration, apparently.

Mississippi's Ship Island gets $300m restoration grant
When will Dauphin Island see any funding of this magnitude?

September 2011

Dauphin Island Shoreline Restoration Projects - Current Status

Mobile Bay Magazine - Dauphin Island Revival

September 2011

Coast Barrier Resources Act - Proposed Changes to Maps
Proposed changes to the maps of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act (which include parts of Dauphin Island) are now available online for review and public comment.  The maps are products of Fish and Wildlife Services, and will be used to determine National Flood Insurance Program eligibility.  You may want to discuss the ramifications of these proposed changes with your insurance agent.

Review the maps here:

April 2011

Big, Bigger or Biggest...but Nothing for the Now
Impressions of the Shoreline Restoration Meeting (April 2011)

Notice of Shoreline Restoration Meeting, April 13, 2011 (April 2011)



October 2010

Picking up the Pieces (Oct 17)


Perception is the Problem (Oct 13)


September 2010

Federal grant to purchase land on West End (Sep 30)


Baby Fish show up in big numbers in spite of oil spill (Sep 26)


Liquified Natural Gas terminal south of the island - approved (Sep 16)


Katrina Cut closure project proceeds (Sep 11)


Scientists search for sand to shore up Dauphin Island (Sep 9)


June 2010

Oil Innudation Forecast for Dauphin Island in the event of tides and storms (June 11)


Oil Slick Location - Animation from April 22 to present

Corps of Engineers' Public Notice to fill the Katrina Cut (see Oil Spill Updates)

Erosion Solutions on Plum Island, MA - hay bales & sand fencing stave off storm surges on the Atlantic
          Hay Bale Pilot Program Information
          Plum Island Foundation Website

Letters from Dauphin Island Lovers re: the oil spill

May 2010

Oil Spill Updates

Bienville Blvd - Road Overwash - May 2010

Most recent Q&A

Don't Fight Nature? - New section at end of the Go Natural article.

Long Term Plan - The Great Unknown


Pier Dredging

Latest Newsletter/Update

March 15, 2010 - Results of meeting to discuss pier dredging proposal.

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