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How You Can Help

Join our Task Force

Join our Task Force by adding your name to our Members List.  Click here for more details.

Send letters or emails of support to officials

Write your elected officials on a regular basis so they are not allowed to forget about Dauphin Island and the current eroding "crisis areas."  If you like, cc this Task Force on your communications, so that we can keep a record of how many people have contacted our elected officials and what was said.

Most importantly, support State Representative Spencer Collierís proposed bill in the Alabama State Legislature by sending supportive emails to Senator Collier and Governor Riley.

Click here for contact info for elected officials and grant committee chairpersons.

Send letters or emails of support to us

Send us your stories...tell us your thoughts, feelings and experiences about the island. Tell us how you feel about the island and how you want to see it preserved.  We may post your message on this website on our Letters page.

Let's tell everyone that we think Dauphin Island deserves as much funding and maintenance as other coastal communities around the U.S.  To send us a letter of support or a story about your island experiences, click here.  It would be helpful to tell us if you own property on the island, or if you are just someone who loves to visit our little paradise.

Attend meetings

Attend Dauphin Island Town Council meetings and Dauphin Island Property Owners Association meetings as often as you can and express your support for restoration of our shoreline.  See our Recent News page for information on upcoming meetings and events.  Also see our Websites page for links to the Town and DIPOA websites, which list the dates and times of their upcoming meetings.

Get involved with the DIPOA

Become more involved in the DIPOA.  Attend meetings.  Run for a board of director's seat.  There will be some board openings coming up this May.

Get involved with Town Government

Attend Town agenda meetings and council meetings, every other Monday and Tuesday nights.  See their website for details.  If you live on the island, consider running for an office.


Thanks for getting involved!



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