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Fun(ding) Facts

For years, Dauphin Island has received the most environmental and aesthetic impact (negative impact) from offshore gas drilling, yet we have consistently received the least amount of funding to mitigate that, compared to other locales far less affected.  This is funding needed for shoreline stabilization, hurricane protection and dune restoration.


Click the links below for more information on specific funding sources and how Dauphin Island has benefited (or not benefited) from these programs.


The Gulf Coast Roadmap Program

Think some of us here on the island are being greedy?  Or too demanding?  Or that we shouldn't "fight nature"?  Other coastal communities don't even bother to debate this, and rake in the dough.  The latest is a proposal for an immediate, interim solution for coastal restoration, but only in Mississippi and Louisiana.  This group is seeking an "interim solution" because of the "urgency of the coastal situation" to avoid a "point of no return" scenario.  Sound familiar?

The Mississippi Coastal Improvements Program (MsCIP)

Half a billion $$ (that's BILLION, not MILLION) in federal funding for coastal restoration for the Magnolia State, but ZERO $$ for Alabama.  Where is "ALCIP"?

The Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP)

$33 million of offshore-drilling-related coastal restoration funds given to the State of Alabama but less than a third will go to Mobile County (and less than that to the areas most affected by offshore drilling).

Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GoMESA)

An oil and gas production revenue sharing program.  Time to share!

Statements from Elected Officials & Professional Sources

Bringing awareness and documenting disproportionate funding.




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