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Sea Level Rise

The rate of sea level rise around the world accelerated throughout the 20th century.  Over that 100-year period, eustatic (i.e., true) sea level rise (ESLR) was 15 to 20 cm.

Recent observations have revealed an ESLR rate of 1.8 mm/year for the period 1961 through 1993, and a rate of 3.1 mm/year for the period 1993 through 2003.  These rates are compared to the background rate of 1 to 2 mm/year for the previous 19th century and the early portion of the 20th century.

A number of recent studies suggest that ESLR will likely be a meter or more over the 21st century.  These conclusions are based on temperature-sea level rise relationships in the 20th century and better understanding of ice sheet dynamics in what some content to be a warming world.

Sea Level Changes since 1880
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