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Proposal to Widen Mobile Bay Ship Channel

In November 2014, the Alabama State Port Authority called a meeting to discuss their proposal to widen a portion of the Mobile Bay ship channel. The proposed project would create a passing lane in the lower portion of the bay, resulting in more rapid transition of ships into and out of the port, and the ability to handle more ships in the channel at one time.

Meeting attendees included employees from the ASPA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Casi Calloway of Mobile Baykeeper, the Town of Dauphin Islandís coastal engineer Dr. Scott Douglass, Mayor Jeff Collier and representatives from the DIPOA Board of Directors (Laura Martin, Bruce Jones and Stan Graves).


A concern expressed by some during the meeting was regarding the impact of the widening, if it would create further erosion on beaches west of the widened area.




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