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A Letter from Stan Graves to Senator Shelby
Regarding BP Oil Spill Settlement Restoration Funding

March 10, 2012 


Andrew Newton

Legislative Assistant to Senator Richard Shelby

U.S. Senate

Washington, D.C.


Dear Andrew,

I read in the Birmingham News that the Senate Voted 76 – 22 to add the Restore Act to the Transportation Bill that is heading toward final passage, and which will include the provision that 80% of the BP fine monies will go to Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. This is great news and I would like to congratulate Senator Shelby for this success, along with Senator Landrieu. They have, I am sure, the sincere appreciation of those individuals who were greatly affected by the Oil spill.

The funds coming from the Restore act will be of significant benefit to Dauphin Island in solving its shoreline erosion problems. A study has already been completed by the Town of Dauphin Island’s Coastal Engineer. All that is needed now is the funds necessary to construct and implement a restoration project that will provide the following environmental benefits:

  • Strengthen Alabama’s only barrier island

  • Contribute to maintaining the integrity of Mississippi’s neighboring barrier islands through sand moved westward via littoral drift

  • Project Alabama’s largest continuous salt marsh habitat in Mississippi Sound

  • Protect Alabama’s most significant oyster reefs occurring in Mississippi Sound

  • Contribute to the protection of Mississippi’s neighboring marsh and oyster habitats

  • Protect the shallow inshore estuarine habitats of Mississippi Sound that serve as important nursery areas for a wide range of commercially and recreationally valuable species that dependent upon this habitat

  • Assist in important protection by blunting the full force of tropical storms and hurricanes that impact upon the mainland’s coastal communities, such as Alabama Port, Coden, and Bayou La Batre

  • Provide improved habitats for endangered and threatened nesting sea turtles on Dauphin Island

  • Enhance shoreline habitats required by the endangered piping plover and other shore birds

Please convey to Senator Shelby my sincere appreciation for the hard work that he and his staff have put in and for the success in achieving the passage of the Restore Act. I look forward to visiting with you on my next trip to Washington, D.C.

I am copying the Dauphin Island POA Board of Directors, which I am a member, and the Mayor of Dauphin Island, Jeff Collier, on my e-mail to you so they are aware of my correspondence with you, and you would know who is included in the CCs.

Stan Graves
Dauphin Island Property Owner


DIPOA Board of Directors

Mayor, Town of Dauphin Island


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Copyright © Dauphin Island Restoration